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Asking the big questions

Should gay people tone down Pride in order to achieve basic human rights?
I'd say no — for every straight person who hates the flamboyance, there's a dozen who love us for it — but Cord Jefferson makes his case.

Does the Harper government now love gay people?
No, but they love the money we bring in at Pride — flamboyance or no — and they're investing in it.

Speaking of Stephen Harper, who's fucking him in Montreal this week?
That'd be Xtra's own Rob Salerno at the Fringe fest!

Does Bruce Willis make a hot PVC daddy?
Well, he's certainly giving it his best shot:

How pathetic is it that US President Barack Obama and Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid are each blaming the other for not ending the gays-in-the-military ban?
Very, very pathetic!

How gay is James Franco's student film?
Very, very gay — now put it on YouTube already!!!

How exciting is it that there's now another daytime soap opera gay couple?

When one of them is Chris Evans' hot younger brother Scott, it's very, very exciting:

Are naked celebrities really good for anything?

Aside from the obvious benefits — yes, when they strip down for charity!

Is there any hope for progress on transgender issues when even the gay media doesn't get it?
Not when The Advocate is too busy giggling at "fooling" the straight people.

Why were guys swimming in blood at the 'Independence Day' director's pool party?
And more importantly, can we really have Candis Cayne star in a remake of "Jaws?"

And finally, can I post something new that has no gay content (or possibly even appeal) whatsoever?
When it's a terrific new trailer/publicity stunt from rogue documentarian Michael Moore, I feel I must!