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A queer calendar celebrating young out athletes is searching for participants to be photographed for the spread. Lifted from the website, it says they want: "LGBT identified athletes who compete on high school or college sports
teams or athletes training and competing full-time that are 'out' to
their predominantly 'straight' teams to their
teammates and peers/coaches." Athletes can be graduated from school, but like let's just say they don't want anybody TOO ancient. Email Denis to book a session at if you're interested. Parking Nightclub is also looking for a few good, men (erm i'm assuming). Auditions for GOGO dancers begins soon. Fan them on Facebook for more info.

Also, my birthday was delightful. Thanks to all who hugged, chinned and wino'd with me. Let's do it again all the time k?

Here's photographic evidence.

Matty San, Brasky San, Lina San


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