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Aussie rugby player George Burgess’ nude selfies leak, do not disappoint

"Gorgeous” George Burgess is a 21-year-old Australian rugby player for the South Sydney Rabbitohs of the National Rugby League.

Here are some things you need to know about George:

He is gorgeous.

He has a twin brother, Tom, also a rugby player, also gorgeous.

He has two other brothers, also rugby players, also gorgeous.

He has a gorgeous cock, which he likes taking gorgeous selfies of.

That is all!

Photo: Burgess twin tongue action.

Photo: The Burgess brothers Luke, Sam, Tom, and George.

Photo: George’s selfies which have gone viral.

"I’m just suggesting that if he doesn’t watch it, they’ll tear up his contract if he keeps this up and he’ll end up working in a gay bar somewhere as his only job,” Chris Smith, host of Australian morning show Sunrise said of the nudes.

I hope 1181 is hiring!