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Australia, cake fights and queer gentrification

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Kim Davis on her first day back to work, after being released from jail at the Rowan County courthouse on Sept 14, 2015 in Morehead, Kentucky. Credit: Ty Wright/Getty Images

Australia passes marriage equality

After a landslide vote in parliament, Australia’s marriage equality bill was promptly signed into law, and will take effect at midnight Dec 8. The first marriages will have to wait until January, since couples must give a month’s notice before marrying. [BBC]

Queer gentrification in San Francisco

A new co-working space and social club in San Francisco offers a haven for queer techies. But in a city where gay culture has been driven out by gentrification, some activists are calling foul. [The Guardian]

Cake case tests US LGBT civil rights

The future of LGBT civil rights in the United States hangs in the balance as the Supreme Court hears a case about a baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. [The Guardian]

Man who was denied marriage licence wants to take clerk’s job

Two years ago, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis made a name for herself by defying the law and refusing gay couples marriage licences. Now one of the men to whom she refused to give a licence is running for her job. [AP]

Lambda Legal poised to unionize

After complaints about leadership and benefits cuts, the employees of the United States’ most prominent LGBT advocacy group are ready to unionize. [The Washington Blade]