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Australian film fest to defy ban on Bruce LaBruce film

Toronto gay filmmaker Bruce LaBruce recently told Xtra that Australia’s decision to ban his film LA Zombie was a good thing: “Once you do this, you’ve guaranteed that people will want to see it."

And now it seems that a few Aussies might have a chance to see the film at a secret screening: 

Richard Wolstencroft, director of the Melbourne Underground Film
Festival, yesterday announced his intention to stage a ‘’public
disobedience freedom of speech event’’ on Aug 29.

’’I’ve got Bruce LaBruce’s support,’’ he said. ‘’If the police turn
up and physically stop me, what can I do? But they really hate coming
to this sort of thing, they’re embarrassed.’’

From the event’s Facebook page:

MUFF wishes to preserve artistic
freedom, particularly for alternative or subversive cinema such as LA
. The festival’s firm view is that adult audiences are capable of
contextualizing confronting cinema, and should have the right to see
adult films. 

Watch the
LA Zombie trailer below: 

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