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Australian film festival okays bestiality movie after nixing gay film

Some of you might remember this: a couple years ago, Bruce LaBruce’s LA Zombie was banned from the Melbourne International Film Festival due to its gay adult content. Which is kind of weird because when you consider how many animals in Australia are actively trying to kill you at all times, you’d figure imaginary gay zombies would probably figure somewhere pretty low on the list.

Remember that now? Good. Because this year’s Sydney Underground Film Festival features a movie called Donkey Love, which is about — you guessed it — donkey love. As in, men who fuck donkeys. Yes, this is happening.

A film festival in Australia allowed the screening of a documentary about bestiality, two years after another film festival banned the screening of a movie about gay sex due to offensive content. On Sept. 8, the Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF) screened “Donkey Love,” a documentary that purports to reveal sexual relations between Colombian men and their donkeys, a practice that allegedly prepares men for sex with women and “prevents them from becoming homosexuals.” [via HuffPo]

Wait, so one movie that features gay sex is bad, but the other movie that features hardcore man-on-donkey sex is totally fine? Once again, just to reiterate, because this is the fucking craziest, most bass-ackwards bullshit I’ve ever heard: you think it’s better for a man to fuck a donkey than it is for him to fuck another consenting adult human male.





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