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Average American penis 5.6 inches

Study results not surprising, researchers say

The average penis length of the American male is 5.6 inches, a new study shows. Credit: Brandon Gaukel

A study published last week in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and reported in The Huffington Post found that the average penis length of American males is 5.6 inches, or 14.2 centimetres. 

The study, conducted by the University of Indiana, asked 1,661 men to measure their own penises for the purpose of fitting a condom. 

The shortest penis in the study was 1.6 inches (4 cm) and the longest was 10.2 inches (26 cm).

The average girth of an American penis, the study says, is 4.8 inches (12.2 cm). 

The study also showed that men get larger erections, on average, from oral sex than by fantasizing alone. 

Researchers say the results are consistent with previous studies.