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Awesome lesbian couple saves 40 kids in Norway

In case you were paying too much attention to Rob Ford’s eye rolls, which are among his body’s many, many other rolls, and forgot that the man is not intrinsically evil (although he is super dickish), here’s a quick piece to remind you that there is still a little good here and there.

During the shootings in Norway, which left 76 people dead, Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen, a lesbian couple who were eating nearby the camp, noticed kids swimming away from the shooter, so they fired up their boat and managed to save 40 kids. But wait, it gets even more insane. It turns out they were being shot at by the crazy fundie terrorist the entire time. Basically, these two saw kids being shot at by a raging lunatic, said, “Fuck that guy, let’s save some kids” and faced a swarm of bullets to save 40 complete strangers. If you take anything away from this, it’s that (A) these women were badass heroes who stood up to terrorism for the sake of saving their country’s future, and (B) most lesbians are probably Wonder Woman. Or vice versa.

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