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Awesome or Awful?

Like I said the other day, it's a thin line — one man's trash, another man's treasure and all that.  Here's a few examples as you get to choose:  Awesome or Awful?

Dan Savage's readers have chosen the new definition for the word "saddleback"

— Radical queer theorists say that gay marriage will inevitably make gay men hopelessly dull and they are, of course, correct.  Look what happened on this game show — is it cultural progress or decay? Awesome or awful?

— Iceland is replacing its failed conservative government with a socialist one led by their first lesbian Prime Minister. This would be entirely Awesome if the country weren't bankrupt and she'll likely be replaced in May. Their word for 'awful' is 'ógurlegur.'

— Adorable jazz-pop duo The Bird and The Bee (love the new single!) have done a cover of Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music:"

— Two words:  Bacon Explosion!

"Hockey Night in Canada" commentators have coined the term "pansification." 
I can't decide if I want to use it in every sentence I can over the
next week or if these homophobic gits clearly have no business trying
to use so many syllables at once. 

David Beckham as good luck charm:

— A California appeals court has ruled in favour of a Christian school that expelled two girls because they seemed like lesbians.  Actually, there's not a trace of Awesome here, it's just Awful.  What the fuck is going wrong in California???

— This Bollywood safe-sex video is seven minutes long:

— A mom in Lincoln, NE threw a party for her underage daughters and bought them each a keg of beer. I just love this bit from the local news report: "there was so much alcohol in the home that the breathalyzers used by officers recorded a .03 just from the air"

— We're now being told that blonde, brittle MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell is "a gay icon."  Seriously?  Even after Britney and Paris, are we this desperate?  I'm gonna go with Awful on this one, but you may disagree…