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Awkward Boners: Episode 2 – Attack of the Boners

When I originally flagged as a site to watch back at the beginning of May, little did I realize it would become an ongoing and reliable source of hilarity for both myself and my friends. Now that summer's here, we've enjoyed over a month of awkward boner sightings in and around Vancouver – Wreck Beach, as you would "naturally" imagine, is a sandy bonanza for such leisuretime activities.

Still, the original website is a motherlode of awkward adventures. Although I was reluctant to post something from it again so soon, I could not resist when I stumbled across the following video from one half of the Entertainment Tonight (ET) gruesome twosome:

I find watching ET gives me same kind of sensation as unexpectedly smashing my head into a table or glass door: at first dizzying, then mystifying and then finally, at last, nausiating. I've never liked their format. I loathe their hosts, particularly this guy. That said, I find it interesting that Mr. Bland would get a boner in a faux-morgue laying on a guerney while an actress brandishes a knife. Apperently there is more to this "fellow" than meets the proverbial one eye: