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Awkward topics

Sometimes it's just hard to find the right words.

Like what do we say to today's 'Day Without a Gay' organizers if the protest doesn't really pan out?

Can we ever get actors to shut up about how difficult it is for them to kiss another man?

How do we discuss the horrifying case of the brutal New York City cops who sodomized a guy with a nightstick? Or the incredibly disturbing fact that this wasn't the NYPD's first time?

Who's gonna tell "The Nanny" that the idea of her voice in the US Senate completely weirds everybody out?

Still more horror from New York: how do the four bastards who gaybashed two guys feel upon knowing that the arm-in-arm pair were actually brothers from Ecuador? There's no Hallmark apology card for that.

What do Liberals say to Bob Rae after he avoided a Hillary Clinton scenario by graciously stepping aside without a fight? Ignatieff had better be worth it!

But finally, some good news today: a lesbian and gay marching band will be the first LGBT group to officially join a US inauguration parade when Barack Obama takes over on Jan. 20. That "first" clears up the confusion over that Pacific coastal group, Rimmers for Reagan!