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Aye, those are bonnie lads

Today, I'm in Edinburgh, home of the slinky, saucy Shirley Manson and a beautiful place where all the boys look like Glasgow's finest, Franz Ferdinand:

And don't get me started on the accents.  I never want to leave!

But why come back to Canada, anyway?  After the way it's treating Steven and Chris?  It's a tragedy, I tell you!

And our national paper, the Post?  I never expect much from it but who the hell let Robert Fulford write the following about David Hockney?  "As a gay he lost many friends to AIDS."  Oh brother, where do I start with that? 

Well, I could literally turn a page and talk about Jonathan Kay's hit piece on Richard Florida, bemoaning the urban theorist's "self-created (and slightly creepy-sounding) 'gay index.'"  Well, no creepier-sounding than your usual self, Mr. Kay.

Speaking of creepy, the TV show "Supernatural" is back this Thursday.  If you haven't seen the ghostbusting Winchester brothers in action, a clip of this week's episode — in which Sam and Dean become ghosts themselves — shows why the series is so easy to love:

Bonnie lads, both of them.  As for me, I'm hoping to see how gay is Paree!  See you soon….