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Azealia Banks and Perez Hilton: messy faggots

Last night Azealia Banks got into a Twitter spat with a rapper named Angel Haze, which, coincidentally, I’m going to smoke later.

Azealia, who was born in the Empire State, took offence to Angel “claiming” New York and tweeted her, “Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY . . . DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER.” She then said Angel had the Flatiron District on her chest, and because totally relevant Perez Hilton (aka the finest gay writer of our time) wanted the whole world to know he understood the reference, he tweeted Azealia, “You got something against girls with small breasts???"

That’s when things got messy:


This morning, while still taking heat over her use of the word “faggot,” Azealia was back on Twitter not giving a shit:

First of all, being a messy faggot is a bad thing?! I must’ve not gotten the memo. 
Secondly, it really annoys me that we live in a world that says “the F word” or now “the OTHER F word” etc, etc. I feel like we give words too much power when we forbid them and are only allowed to say their first letter. It’s fucking weird.
Not only is it weird, it’s complicated. A word gets banned and then a certain group takes ownership over it and no one else is allowed to use the word. Is that where we’re at with “faggot"? Is it a gay word only now? 
I’m not condoning Azealia, because she should grow the fuck up. But at the same time, if someone like Perez Hilton is poking his nose in your business, I think you should be able to express that in a blunt or provocative way without being labelled homophobic. Perez Hilton is a messy faggot. That isn’t exactly a revelation. Him getting upset over her use of the word “faggot” is a little pathetic, especially for a man who has used the word before (remember his fight with Will.I.Am?), and who rose to fame with his blog by being a self-loathing homophobe who outs celebrities and makes fun of them for being in the closet. I know he doesn’t do that anymore because he’s skinny and slightly less self-loathing now, but it doesn’t change the fact that in the business of messy faggotry, he has carved himself a spot as wide as his former ass . . .
So take a seat, faggot!