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Azealia Banks vs GLAAD, again

A while back, rapper Azealia Banks called Perez Hilton a “messy faggot” on Twitter (uh, duh) when he started tweeting his opinion on a beef Azealia had with a fellow female rapper, Angel Haze. Shortly after the spat, Azealia tweeted a thread about the modern meaning of the word “faggot” and how, in her opinion, it is not necessarily derogatory to gay people. She thinks that it means “energy stealer, blood sucker” and describes a “coward, liar, backstabber.”  

When GLAAD got hold of this, they called Azealia out for being homophobic, a label she obviously resents — she hasn’t backed down on her stance and has taken to Twitter once again to let GLAAD know she thinks they are “media whores who don’t stand for anything real” and that they “pick and choose when to be upset about something.” Her reasoning is that plenty other celebrities have used the word faggot since she has (most recently Amanda Bynes, who tweeted People magazine telling them to “follow me on twitter, you faggots!"), but GLAAD hasn’t called them out on it: 

Although I love GLAAD and all they do for the queer community, Azealia does have a point. A lot of people came down hard on her for using a gay slur, but the reaction from GLAAD, and others, hasn’t been the same for other celebrities. Are we becoming desensitized to “faggot"? Has the meaning of the word changed? Is GLAAD “picking and choosing” when to get upset? All of the above?

I don’t know the answers. All I know is that I am a gay fan of Azealia, and I kind of love it when she’s a messy faggot. I’ll forgive you most things, girl, except that rumoured Gaga collaboration — if it’s true, your sell-out ass is ova!