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Azerbaijan: Gay-rights leader found dead in apartment

'This country and this world are not for me,' Facebook note says

Azerbaijani gay-rights leader Isa Shakhmarli was found dead in his apartment in the capital city Baku in what reports say is an apparent suicide. Credit:

The leader of a gay rights organization in Azerbaijan has been found dead in his apartment in what is believed to be a suicide, Radio Free Europe reports.

Acccording to the report, Isa Shakhmarli, 20, left a note on Facebook that reads, "I am leaving you. God bless you. This country and this world are not for me. I am going to be happy now. Tell my mother I loved her very much. I blame you all for my death. This world is not colorful enough for my colors. Farewell." 

Agence France-Presse (AFP) says police received a call about Shakhmarli's death, which is reportedly being investigated. A torn rainbow flag was found hanging from the ceiling of Shakhmarli's apartment. His friends told media he had difficulty getting along with his family, who did not accept his sexuality.

Azerbaijan decriminalized homosexuality in 2001, but harassment of LGBT people is still believed to be widespread.