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Baby, it’s cold outside

But you don't have to be

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There may be a thick layer of snow on the ground outside, but that’s no reason to put a chill on your sex life. Forget the hot cocoa and thermal long johns, there’s nothing better for keeping warm in sub-zero temperatures than sharing a little body heat.

But just in case you’re feeling the urge to hibernate, here’s a list of inspiring reasons why the season could have your blood running hot.



In January, New Year’s resolutions are still fresh in everyone’s minds. And how many of us have resolved to fulfil that certain fantasy that’s been floating around in our heads for so long? So what are you waiting for? Strike now while the iron is hot.



With fear of frostbite keeping the frisky out of the great outdoors, there’s a better chance of finding the boy next door at the baths.

“We used to say that baths were a winter sport and you weren’t terribly busy in the summer time,” says Peter Bochove of Spa Excess. Although tourist trade at the bathhouse now keeps the summers busier overall, Bochove says that there are many more locals in attendance when the cold weather hits.

And when it’s chilly outside it’s hard to pry yourself away from a good time. “People tend to stay longer,” says Bochove. “Once they’re here they don’t want to go anywhere else.”



For the extreme sports addicts among us, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as sex in the snow. Yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable. Yes, you’ll get snow in places you never thought possible. But sex in the midst of an ice-covered landscape is a glorious, defiant act. It laughs in the face of death and groans in the face of, well, whoever’s crazy enough to do it with you.



Bulky winter clothing can hide a multitude of surprises. For example, it’s easy to conceal a strap-on under all those layers until the right, er, opening presents itself. Extra clothing can also muffle the sounds of a well-placed vibrator, which themselves generate a certain amount of heat. Just think of them as super-portable space heaters.



Bundling up may offer another bonus. “There’s something essentially sensual about layering,” says Come As You Are’s Cory Silverberg. “It’s kind of a drag when you go out because you can barely move. But suddenly you get inside and start taking it all off and it’s very freeing. You’re touching yourself more because you’re taking more clothes off.

“In warmer months there’s a breeze and there’s sun that are coming into contact with your skin all the time,” adds Silverberg. “In winter it’s covered up all the time. And so I actually think it’s possible that it’s a bit more sensitized, or rather more easily sensitized. It’s certainly true for me.”



As hard as it is to believe in the depths of January, the days have actually begun to get longer again now that we’ve passed the Winter Solstice. As the old song goes, “It’s no fun with the sun around, but I get going when the sun goes down.” Take advantage of longer nights while they last.