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Back to school, it’s a bad situation

If there's one thing we've learned from the devastating revoking of nearly 20,000 marriages in California this week, it's that there's stil a lot of straight people out there who just don't get it. How could they have been swayed, we ask, by the outright lies from the 'Yes on 8' camp? How could they listen to Mormons, of all people, telling everyone how to live?

Well, despite the ad campaigns, the court challenges and the amazing, fiery protests of the last two days, the sad fact is that most people still don't understand what gay people are about. Even our new messiah Barack Obama wonders why we're hung up on the word "marriage." Well, it's simple: because we're told we can't. We're not entitled to the same rules and rights as "normal" people, even in our lovely Canada, where a lonely Montreal Anglican priest fights for us

We need more dialogue because our relationships just aren't taken seriously, even on TV soap operas, and worst of all, we have to endure religious zealots who spout garbage like this:

"It will be the goal of Christian Coalition to ensure that the other 20
states adopt similar amendments banning homosexual "marriages"
including the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut which also had
two judicial decisions, by one vote margins, legalizing these

I believe that's what's known as fighting words. Like the cheerleader says, "Bring it on, bitches!"  People who refuse to understand the basic idea that gay relationships are inherently equal to heterosexual ones deserve to hear the screechy, terrifying voice of Harvey Fierstein. Bigots, prepare to be schooled and know that you brought this pain on yourself: 

We need a lot more conversation with straight people, a lot more out and proud gay people. There are people who still think that guys are gay because we've been molested or are just stunted man-children who still find girls icky. Even if they are icky, that's still not how it works!

I mean, we're talking a lack of basic knowledge here from the kind of people who find this Montreal tourism ad horrifying instead of just cute: 

It's like, in a better world, the movie 'Role Models' opening today would not be homophobic but would instead feature Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd-Dagostino making out with each other (mind you, it's not like I won't go see it anyway):

Ultimately, we'll just have to keep saying it: homosexuality is not a choice. We were born this way. We can't just decide to be heterosexual — if we could, don't you think this TV ad would've turned every single one of us straight?