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Bail delayed as HIV accused remains in custody

Total complainants up to six, as case winds its way through court

There are now a total of six complainants in the case against an Ottawa man accused of failing to disclose his health status before having unprotected sex. He faces 14 counts of aggravated sexual assault, six counts of failure to comply and three counts of sexual assault.

The accused made a physical appearance — his seventh time before a judge in this case — where a bail hearing was supposed to be set. Unshaven and dressed in casual clothing, he was ordered by the judge not to contact any of the complainants.

Due to the nature of the evidence being reviewed, defence lawyer Delinda Hayton asked for more preparation time.

Both the defence and Crown are reviewing evidence obtained from electronic data seized from the personal computer belonging to the accused, such as text messages and MSN chats. Before the electronic evidence can be presented, the internet language used in it needs to be translated.

Assistant Crown Meaghan Cunningham agreed a two-day bail hearing is required and a tentative date was set for June 28 and 29. Three publication bans were requested.

The accused is to make his next court appearance via video link on June 9. Final details on the bail hearing will be known by then.

He was arrested on May 6. By the time his next bail hearing happens, he will have spent one month and 22 days in jail. If and when he is finally released from the Ottawa jail, he will likely be transferred to Kitchener where there is a warrant for his arrest.