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Bakery denies cakes for gay marriages but supplies them for divorce parties

Some of you might remember earlier this year when a bakery in the US called Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused to sell a wedding cake to a lesbian couple because . . . I don't know, some shit about it being against their religion. Or maybe they're just allergic to money. Who knows?

Well, I'm revisiting this because Pink News just delivered a delicious, succulent slice of irony: turns out, the aforementioned Sweet Cakes still won't cater for a gay marriage on religious grounds but will supply cakes for events that directly go against their religious beliefs, including a divorce party. Because when you're upholding the sanctity of marriage, sometimes you have to stop and appreciate the sanctity of the opposite of marriage, too.

Five reporters called the Sweet Cakes bakery, as well as Fleur Cakes, which also refused to provide cake for a lesbian couple, to see if either would cater to other “occasions frowned upon by some Christians.”

One reporter asked: “My friend is getting divorced and we’d like to throw her a little party to mark the start of her new life. Do you ever write messages on those — we’d want it to say ‘congratulations!’ — and how much would it be for a cake that could serve about eight people?”

The Sweet Cakes bakery replied, “We can definitely do something like that.”

Other reporters asked for cakes celebrating events such as the birth of a baby outside of marriage, a non-kosher barbecue with meat and shellfish, a solstice party with a pentagram cake, and a party for a “grant for cloning human stem cells.” All were approved by the Sweet Cakes bakery, while Fleur Cakes said yes to the divorcee and the baby. 

Such is the problem with picking and choosing which parts of the Bible you listen to: it's arbitrary as fuck. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, because there are some passages in that book that are just fucking crazy. The problem is when you start using that arbitrariness to try and validate things that aren't morally right. It opens the floodgates a little, and soon you have to face the fact that gay marriage is about as destructive as polyester clothing and shrimp cocktails.

And really, it's fucking cake. If you're getting that bent out of shape over who does and who does not get to taste your delicious cakes, you have too much time on your hands.