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Bank St reconstruction open house: Mar 18

Village won't be sliced in two

One of the first major obstacles to a cohesive rainbow neighbourhood was overcome before it ever reached the public consultation stage.

Draft sketches by city planners in late 2007 would have seen two distinct plans: one for Wellington to Somerset, a second from Somerset to the Queensway. That would have sliced The Village in two.

Responding to suggestions from the advisory committee — which has two queer representatives, Glenn Crawford and Rick Barnes — planners now want to see the change at Gloucester rather than Somerset. That means that the same streetlights, benches, sidewalk and other markings will line Bank from Nepean to James. It will give a distinct feel to the neighbourhood starting at the doorstep of The Village.

Meanwhile, the city is inviting citizens to an open house about the meeting Mar 18 at 5pm at the Centretown Community Health Centre (420 Cooper.) People will be invited to make comments and suggestions.