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Bar scene Xposed!

Our scene photog's take on TO

So here’s the story of Chris Edwards’ spot-on tribute to Michael Jackson: She performed this number, “Heal the World,” as part of the talent area in a competition in the USA! USA! and girlfriend won! She came in first runner-up in the competition overall, but it’s no surprise she won the talent competition. That Michael was so close to the real thing I thought that at any second a monkey would attack and little boys would come streaming out of the green room for a group encore.

Here’s the thing about George’s Play. It’s the Latino Church St hangout and I don’t know about you but it is caliente up in that joint. Aside from all the hot queens doing Spanish numbers onstage, it’s like a clean adult hangout with lots of young hotties and older butch papis who kinda have this Benicio Del Toro meets my dad’s mechanic buddies thing going on. I got a snap of Maria Del Monte who was wearing the brightest, fiercest flamenco outfit I’ve seen since Caribana!

Sofonda could probably steal my man and my job and I’d still have a soft spot for this diva. She has got to be the nicest Queen (yeah, that’s a capital “q”) in the history of Cover Girl makeup. I haven’t seen her in forever, and it’s like she’s hotter than ever. She cohosted Chris Edwards’ show at George’s Play and I caught her freshly changed on her way out to Woody’s. Hot, hard working and pleasant as pie. Gush much?

Last time I saw Peter he looked just as gorgeous, but it was a couple of years ago and he as bartending at 5ive. Remember that spot? I walk into George’s Play and he handed me some Mardi Gras beads and a beer and I was sold, like a cheap piece of real estate! In this pic Peter flashes his million-dollar smile (a little chest hair, yeah, I know you’re peeking too) with fellow George’s Play staffer, Rick. This might be my new hangout. It’s got everything!

Drag Idol is just a little over half finished, just two more weeks left of dragtastic wonder. When I was there I was lucky enough to get a snap of contestant Samantha Stone, Candice (who was celebrating a her birthday) and host Lena Over. Not gonna lie, I blushed my tush off watching Ms Over’s rendition of a tongue-in-cheek song called, and I’m just guessing here, “Fuck Me.”

Beef sandwich comes to mind when I look at this picture of John and Chris from Zelda’s. Also one of my mom’s favourite sayings: “Hunk o’ burnin’ love.” I mean, c’mon people, there’s not a woman or man alive who can resist this. This is the kind of thing that young twinks ask Santa for in their teenage years. Live it up boys, the world is yours.

I just wanna say for the record that Jonathan does not drink. This is also a true story, even if the picture says the opposite. Jonathan is taking 2009 off the bottle completely. At Live Karaoke he did a fantastic rendition of XTC’s “Making Plans for Nigel” and fashioned a fur moustache from a piece of pelt that came off my badger-fur coat. These are the kinds of wonders you can pull off sober people, get with the program.

Did I tell you about the time Hannah rifled through my purse at live karaoke at the Drake and then took pics of it for jokes? All unbeknownst to me of course. Didn’t find out till the next day when I went through the camera. True story.

Kimberly Kitty came all the way from Montreal for the Oligarchy Clothing Sex Series Two launch. It’s all Montreal babes on shirts and Kimberly Kitty is one of them! Just in case we’re keeping score here: Kimberly and I were once partners in crime in La Belle Province and not for nothing, but this girl can get anyone to do anything for her at anytime. She’s totally perfected that pouty face that opens wallets and pants the world over. I know what you’re thinking — “bitch!”