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Bare if you care

Montreal-based erotic photographer raising money for book

Support a beautiful boy shooting beautiful boys.

Montreal-based erotic photographer Mikel Marton is raising funds to publish his first monograph:

"Please help support my work so I can publish my first monograph of prints, make larger concepts, & continue to share my handsome creations with the world. Making my art work is my primary source of income, and sustaining that is difficult for young artists in this age, so I appreciate any support you can offer to help cover the costs of creating and publishing my works."

For obvious reasons, likely, Marton is one of my favourite photographers, but on top of his sumptious, extraordinarily sexy works, he has also donated work to Buddies’ ArtAttack! fundraising auction in the past. 

While Marton is offering the usual — though no less tempting crowd-sourcing rewards fare — he’s also made this promise on his Tumblr page: “Every donation reward given, I’ll shoot another nudie selfie of me."

I think you can expect a donation from me very, very soon, Mikel.