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Barilla pasta backtracks after anti-gay comments

A couple days ago, Guido Barilla, CEO of Barilla Pasta, managed to piss off LGBT people everywhere when he said that he didn’t want gay people eating his pasta. In all fairness, maybe he just assumed gay men don’t eat carbs. Or maybe he’s an idiot. Who knows?

Well, in light of the backlash, Barilla has gone into full-blown apology mode, releasing the following video to clarify its position and let the world know that the company’s changing:

Golf-clap to Barilla for at least having the decency to apologize, but there needs to be something more tangible to this before we can take it seriously. He said he has a lot to learn, and if he’s willing to actually open up to change? Good for him. But no one is going to wait on him forever here.

Speaking of, rival pasta company Bertolli decided to capitalize on Barilla’s foot-in-mouth moment by posting its own LGBT-friendly ad on Facebook. Normally, this would seem a bit cloying, but seriously, LOOK AT THIS THING. How cute is this? Look at the little pasta couples! … Ohgoditssocuteicanttakeit.