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Baring it all, trash art, PVC nipples and other good things

FACT OF LIFE #188701:

I interviewed Michael McCarthy and the Glam Gam girls (Sarah and Julie — Hi!) about their latest NEKID/Almost always NEKID offering this weekend, the Burlesque show Bare Necessities.

Kox & Kuntz: Some would call this (along with other burlesque shows) "low-brow" art or trash aesthetics. Thoughts?
Glam Gam Productions: What's wrong with trash? Actually, a lot of our props, set and even some of our performers were found in the trash! One of our main goals is to deconstruct taboos that surround nudity and sexuality. We believe the human body is a beautiful thing and is not something to hide away. Presenting our ideas and bodies through the art of burlesque we also want to promote healthy sex and positive body image, by portraying people of all shapes and sizes in many different situations. Often low-brow artists are self-taught, or possess a natural talent. Many members of our troupe found themselves unsatisfied in their structured training of fine arts. Burlesque allows us to connect more personally with our audience, as we are presenting an idea in a more gritty and tangible way.

K & K: What role does humour play?
GGP: Humour is the backbone of our existence. We spend over half our day laughing, and we want to share that love with everyone…. aAter all ,laughter is the best medicine, and who doesn't like playing doctor? Usually the biggest laugh comes from the audience when Sarah gets naked on stage… and the loudest laugh always comes from Julie.

K & K: Who does what out of the three of you?
GGP: Glam Gam Productions is a collective comprised of Jacks and Jills of all trades. And with the help of our talented and generous friends ,we are able to produce things that we would not have thought possible considering our lack of budget. We do everything from choreography, to making the posters, to set-building, to publicity work, to seducing audience members. We're honestly all just down-to-earth, hard-working people with a love for a good ol' fashioned naughty performance! But of course we all have our super powers…. Sarah "SweetCheeks" Murphy, for example, can choreograph such hot moves that by the end of the dance you won't even notice your wallet has gone missing. Julie "Jugzz" Paquet holds the current world record for going from fully clothed to completely nude in 0.28 seconds. Michael “Manwich” McCarthy works wonders with the power tools, but for some reason he just can’t seem to screw straight!

Plays for three nights at Café Cléo. More info.

thanks GGP.

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