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Barry Manilow, gay skeletons and Dutch solidarity

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Barry Manilow comes out

Surprising few, singer Barry Manilow has come out publicly as gay. Manilow says he has been in a relationship with his manager for 39 years, but kept the secret to avoid “disappointing his fans.”

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Dutch men hold hands to support gay couple

After a Dutch gay couple were attacked on the street while holding hands, Dutch men across the Netherlands and the world have taken to holding hands in solidarity.

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The gay skeletons of Pompeii

DNA tests show that two bodies found embracing in the ancient volcano-buried town of Pompeii were both male, drawing speculation that the two were “gay.” Not so fast, says one academic: Calling ancient Romans “gay” is an inappropriate projection of our own culture onto the past.

Court ruling turns tide on US gay discrimination

A Chicago federal appeals court’s ruling that a lesbian woman should not have been fired could be a legal turning point for discrimination cases in the United States. The judge ruled that LGBT people are covered by the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

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Indonesian men face caning for gay sex

Two men in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province could face caning after being recorded having gay sex. The men were reported by their neighbours.

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