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Making sense of it all

THE WORLD COMES TO LARAMIE. The Canadian cast of The Laramie Project, based on 400 hours of interviews with the fellow citizens of Matthew Shepard and his murderers. Credit: Xtra files

Hate ranges from condescending tolerance to murderous rage. We homos know this. No surprises here, watching the polished production of Moisés Kaufman’s The Laramie Project by Studio 180. What is surprising is the play’s sophisticated examination of postmodern tragedy, where town folk come to grips with the murder of one kid by two other kids – all of whom they know – while besieged by media hordes. How do they – and we, the millions of spectators – make sense of it all? The Laramie Project goes beyond the lurid headlines and sound bites to restore humanity to the people of Laramie thereby making Matthew Shepard’s murder even more heartbreaking. As states Zubaida Ula, a Muslim student at the University Of Wyoming and one of the 67 characters: “This is us.” Smart, powerful theatre. Continues till Sun, Mar 2. Artword Theatre. 75 Portland St. 872-1212.