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Basketball lesbians, Sino-Grindr and hookup hypocrites

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The rise and fall of a WNBA star marriage

At The Daily Beast, Samantha Allen chronicles the rise and fall of the lesbian star marriage between WNBA basketball players Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson. Despite all the trappings of a fairy-tale lesbian wedding, the marriage was marred by reports of domestic abuse and violence. Allen asks, did the LGBT media glorify the wedding while covering up the underreported problem of lesbian domestic abuse?

Spanish gay activist Pedro Zerolo dies

Spanish lawyer, politician and gay rights activist Pedro Zerolo has died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 55. Zerolo was key in persuading the Spanish government to legalize same sex marriage, despite Catholic objections. He married his husband Jesus Santos a few months after the law was changed. 

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Grindr announces Chinese gay rights project 

Grindr says it will partner with the Beijing Gender Health and Education Institute to try to bring gay rights to China. The project, says Grindr, will focus on disseminating information in Chinese on the app. The app has a lot of ground to gain, however, with China’s homegrown dating app Blued dominating the market. 

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Study: Most gay men think racial preferences on dating apps are wrong

In a survey of 400 white, gay London men, health charity GMFA found that most men disapproved of racial preferences on dating apps, such as saying “no blacks” or “no asians.” A minority admited that they would exclude races however, and, oddly, one in five of those who would exclude other races said they would be offended if someone posted “no whites.”

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Tel Aviv prepares for the Middle East’s biggest pride event

180,000 people are expected to show up for Tel Aviv’s massive gay pride parade Friday, June 12. The parade is by far the largest in the Middle East, and is a crown jewel in Israel’s contentious claim to gay rights dominance in the region. 

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