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Bayern Munich team faces fine over ‘Gay Gunners’ banner

UEFA opens disciplinary proceedings after match with Arsenal

Bayern Munich, German football champion and current UEFA Champions League title holder, is in hot water with European football’s governing body after club fans displayed a homophobic banner at a March 11 match. Credit:

Bayern Munich, the current Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) champion, is in hot water with European football’s governing body after fans of the German club displayed a homophobic banner at a match with Arsenal on March 11.

According to The Guardian, UEFA has initiated disciplinary action against Bayern Munich because of the team’s supporters’ discriminatory behaviour, the unfurling of “an illicit banner,” and a late start to the match with their English rivals.

The banner in question bore the words “Gay Gunners” and featured a caricature of German footballer and Arsenal team member Mesut Özil that showed a cannon pointed at his ass.

Arsenal is affectionately known by the nickname “The Gunners.”

If UEFA decides a penalty is in order, the Bundesliga champions could face a substantial fine. Scotland’s Celtic club was fined 50,000 euros after “illicit” banners were displayed in a UEFA Champions League match against Milan in November.

A British current affairs TV program recently went undercover to investigate the extent of homophobia and racism in English football, recording 20 incidents of homophobia during three Brighton matches, including both home and away games, alone.  

Reporters for a Channel 4 Dispatches documentaryUndercover: Hate on the Terraces, that aired March 3 filmed football fans singing anti-gay chants within earshot of a police officer when their club played an away game at Brighton, GayUK reports. In another match played against Wigan on the latter’s home ground, reporters filmed more homophobic chants and comments, noting that children were also heard joining in.

“It’s a long way home, you faggots” and “Do you take it up the arse?” were among the chants the Channel 4 crew recorded.