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Bearpark’s Pride resignation official

Andrew Rutgers appointed to position of secretary

Andrew Rutgers, parade director for the Vancouver Pride Society (VPS), was appointed to the now-vacant position of secretary Apr 27, following the official resignation of Victor Bearpark from the board. Bearpark was not in attendance at the meeting.

Bearpark’s notice of withdrawal, read aloud by his successor, was concise. “I enjoyed my time volunteering with the society,” he wrote, citing issues of “a personal nature” as his impetus to quit.

Bearpark’s departure makes Rutgers the sixth appointee to a directorship on the board since the VPS general election last November. Bearpark’s decision to leave follows former directors Cheryl Colburne, Richard Boulier, Laura McDiarmid, Dean Nelson and Leith Mason. Of the four executive positions on the board, president Ken Coolen remains the sole representative elected by VPS membership.

“It’s a very thankless job,” remarks advertising director Ray Lam about the volunteer board positions. “It’s a very emotional job.”

At Lam’s suggestion, Coolen agreed to draft and send letters of appreciation on behalf of the VPS to Bearpark and the other former directors.

Lawyer Chris Ellis attended the Apr 27 meeting and was appointed as an interim director until the VPS’ next annual general meeting.