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Beating the November blues

Remember, remember the blah of November.

Truth be told, this is my least favourite month. Holiday events haven’t yet begun; it’s cold, but there’s no snow; all that remains of Halloween is a rotted pumpkin; and worst of all, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) rears its ugly head.

Some of us are more susceptible than others. Personally, I go from fab to drab overnight. My snuggie moves to the front of my wardrobe — even though it’s leopard print, it’s still a snuggie. That alone is reason to be sad, and that sadness mounts as nights of CP24, non-stop snacking and occasional tears go by (for posterity, my record is eight and a half consecutive hours, three tubs of ice cream and Kleenex galore).

Getting out to do something just seems impossible sometimes, and even the hardiest of scenesters struggles with motivation right about now. Boylesque TO’s Wrong Note Rusty agrees with me, describing SAD as “emotional recession” and “a whiny and negative friend/relative from out of town who never leaves the house and doesn’t know when the welcome has expired. It makes life that much harder to deal with.”

As for getting it out of one’s system, he advocates “a good cry or a night of dancing.” He tries hard to avoid bottoming out, and this year I am determined to follow suit and keep my head above water. Good thing there are a few events happening to keep us active.

If you, too, are feeling sad because of SAD, mark your calendars for:

1/ Jade Elektra at the Flying Beaver Pubaret. Maggie Cassella’s pub cum resto cum cabaret venue has taken off in a major way this year, welcoming acts like Lucas Silveira, Carole Pope and Dwayne Minard. On Nov 20, Jade Elektra becomes the first drag artist to headline a night. New York City’s loss is Toronto’s gain, as no one mixes old-school classics with bitch tracks and house singles like she does. Jennifer Walls (hot off the Rocky Horror Show at Lower Ossington) and yours truly are guesting, but it’s Miss Elektra who will banish your seasonal blues.

2/ CANFAR’s 15th annual Bloor St Entertains has succeeded Fashion Cares as the premier event of its kind. Every year the team outdoes itself, but Nov 22 is its crystal anniversary, so you know all the stops are being pulled out. Big Toronto names haul out their high fashion, walk a photo gauntlet and schmooze away. If you can’t work a room, it might be best to stay home, but for those who love to see and be seen, this is a can’t-miss event. The tickets are expensive but worth it, and the money goes to a good cause. SAD season is a great time to lift your spirits by contributing to the greater good.

3/ The Almighty Ball 3: Sexual Seduction on Nov 27 means it’s time to hit the runway and vogue for your life. After premiering at the Gladstone, the ball has moved on to Goodhandy’s, and rumour has it Stacey McKenzie and Jully Black will be judging. Don’t complain about any viciousness, cut-eye or shade you may encounter; those things are the name of the game when it comes to vogue balls. Being a spectator is just as fun as being a participant, but be aware that contestants take their categories seriously before you decide to step up to the runway.

This November, I promise to keep the ice cream and crying to a minimum, to try to substitute Golden Girls reruns for headline news channels, and even to shed my snuggie and make it out to at least two of these events. Secretly, I’m hoping Wrong Note Rusty can join me . . . having a burlesque boy on one’s arm is the best SAD cure of all!