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Beauty and the Beast, incarceration and gay loneliness

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Beauty and the Beast promises “gay moment”

The director of Disney’s upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast has promised a “gay moment” for one of the characters, prompting protest from conservative movie theatres and a discussion of whether or not this will be Disney’s first gay character.

Minority stress and gay loneliness

At Highline, Michael Hobbs asks why, even after most gay men are out of the closet, so many feel desperately alone. From stress to masculinity, what’s getting gay men down?

US sexual minorities disproportionately incarcerated

A new study from the American Journal of Public Health finds that sexual minorities are three times as likely to be incarcerated as straight people, and the situation is even worse for women. One researcher said that lesbian and bisexual women may be seen as dangerous because they defy gender stereotypes.

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Chinese LGBT groups protest video censorship

Chinese LGBT groups are crying foul after a popular online streaming site banned videos involving gay people as a “wrong concept of love.” The site, LeTV, later removed any explicit mention of homosexuality, but the videos remained banned.

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Saudi police attack trans meeting

According to Pakistani news agency News 92, police in Saudi Arabia attacked a meeting of trans people in the capital city of Riyadh, killing two. The police attacked the meeting based on a law criminalizing cross-dressing.