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Because when you grow up, you can move away and be gay somewhere else

Also, this dude is a jerk. But we already knew that. Fiddy, on Twitter,
"urged gay men to commit suicide." 50
Cent's anti-gay Twitter rant
. Two young women, dating each
other, killed themselves. The details
are murky. Dan Savage tells the young how it will get better and how it did for him and his partner. Mind you, that is with the help of affluence and mainstream acceptance. But I applaud the effort. If it leads to one less suicide or a little bit less heart heaviness, then his viral video campaign will have been worth it. Vigils are planned in major cities (probably where they will serve the least). Montreal's is this Wednesday, Oct 6, 8 pm at Parc de l'Espoir near Beaudry Metro on Ste-Catherine's. (Gay blog source)