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Become a superhero at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa

The benefits and rewards of volunteering are boundless

There are dozens of ways to become a superhero to children in Ottawa. Credit: Francesca Roh

At the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CAS), our superheroes don’t shoot webs from their hands or have bullets bounce off their chests — they help children in need. Our volunteers are the superheroes to the children and youth in our care, and there are many different ways to be that person in their lives.

Volunteering at CAS is very versatile.  We have volunteering opportunities that require a wide range of skills in various programs. Many roles involve helping children directly, while others help the organization run on a day-to-day basis. The CAS will match your volunteering interests, availability and skills with the best possible volunteering opportunity. Below is a list of the different volunteering opportunities available, with some available in English or French.

Drive Program

We coordinate approximately 500 drives per week, and can always use more help.  We drive children to and from school, access visits, day care, appointments, and wherever else they need to go.

Tutor/Mentor Program

Volunteers are paired with a child or youth to provide help with school work or general mentorship.

Social History Writing Program

Social history provides a picture of the child today and what they have experienced in their life. The important task for the social history writer is to present the child’s life story accurately and with as much detail as possible.  

Headstart Program (Preschool)

The volunteers for this program provide the additional attention children require to build relationships, use language and develop trust.

CAS Group Mentor Sessions Program

Mentors are paired with youths looking for assistance for an hour or more on Wednesday evenings when the CAS Teens group is meeting.  

The Clothing Boutique Program

The main goal of the boutique is to provide clothing for foster children and clients of the CAS. Foster parents are encouraged to use this valuable resource.

Family Visitation Program

The Family Visitation Program offers guidance to families, volunteers and workers for creating child and family-focused opportunities that will hopefully improve their relationships, while facilitating safe and permanent plans for children in a timely manner.

Volunteer Clerical Program

The CAS is able to be more efficient by involving volunteers in all sorts of clerical work such as family satisfaction surveys, telephone calls, photocopying, scanning for achieving files, filing, assembling brochures, translation, delivery of donations and much more.

Infant Stimulation Program (ISP)

Volunteers help with the youngest children in the care of the CAS through the Infant Stimulation Program. From transportation to infant care, our volunteers are an essential part of our multi-disciplinary team.  

Holiday Gift Program

As one of the most visible campaigns at the CAS, the Holiday Gift Program owes much of its success to the work of volunteers. Volunteers help make this possible by working long days screening, organizing and picking up these donations for the program.