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Behind the scenes of HBO’s new gay series Looking

HBO's upcoming series Looking is set in San Francisco, and in the behind-the-scenes preview, the cast and crew talk about how they're capturing SF as a character and how the show, which centres on three gay friends, is telling queer stories that have never been seen on TV.

It's being hyped as the "Girls for gay men," and star Jonathan Groff isn't fighting the comparison, although he's confident Looking will stand on its own legs.

“We’re not showing sex to be sexy, necessarily,” Groff told BuzzFeed. “When is the last time we’ve seen gay sex dealt with in a very frank and realistic way? Normally, it’s very salacious and sexy, which it is, but there are complicated things about having sex as gay men that I think hopefully we’ll address on our show.”

Looking premieres Jan 19 and stars Groff, Frankie J Alvarez and Murray Bartlett as three guys navigating love, work and play Waste Coast–style: