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Behind the scenes shots at Don’t Quit Your Gay Job’s first shoot up…

So maybe you’re wondering what the F is happening on Up Your Alley this week – three days of late postings. I know. You probably want to punch me in the baby maker. I want to punch me in the babymaker. But people, I have no computer. Which for a blogger, is like a painter having no hands. Though I guess a blogger having no hands would be equally problematic. But you get what I mean.

Still don’t know what I’m talking about when I name-drop Don’t Quit Your Gay Job? Check here.

So a big part of our show is the competition between Rob and I…yesterday’s head-to-head was fiercer than one of Tyra Banks’ googly-eyed death-glares.

Here are some behind the scenes shots from the photoshoot competition and a couple pre-runway show shots with our walk-off instructors Micah and Tiffany. It’s shaping up to be a good show you guys…

What we see:

What you’ll see when the show airs:

Getting hooked up to sound:

The skeleton crew that came to shoot the photoshoot portion of our challenge (there was a much larger OUTtv crew at the runway show)

And here are a couple pre-runway show shots at Honey Lounge:

These are teasers. Sorry I can’t show more. If you came down to the show, thanks for the love. Thanks to Noel Butler for inviting us to participate.

Check the fan page for more updates soon.