Toronto Diary
1 min

Behold, Canadian exceptionalism

So this happened.

Oh Jesus, where to start?

First off, Justin Bieber is receiving the Diamond Jubilee Medal, which is given to Canadians who’ve contributed to the Canadian community in some way. He decided to do so while wearing an outfit he borrowed from fucking Kris Kross. No, seriously, are those drop-crotch overalls? Did Bieber think wearing a shirt with “I fuck barnyard animals!” written on it would be too obvious?

Second: You really have to love how Harper is honouring someone who contributed to the Canadian community by travelling as far away from it as humanly possible. Harper, I may not be your biggest fan, but you are a shady bitch and I love you for it.

Third: Could they really not find a better Canadian artist than Justin Bieber? Bieber wasn’t chosen because of his artistic merits; he was chosen because an inordinately large number of impressionable teenaged girls love him. We’re now rewarding high school popularity. It’s over, Canada. We can no longer claim superiority over the United States.

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