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Beijing, ID cards and straight rights

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Pride week shut down in Lebanon

Lebanon’s Pride week has been shut down after its organizer was detained by police and forced to sign a pledge ending the celebration. [ABC News]

Legal arguments begin in UK civil partnerships case

Lawyers for a heterosexual couple have begun arguments to the UK supreme court that they should be allowed a civil partnership. Civil partnerships were introduced in the UK as a substitute to marriage for same-sex couples, and are barred to straight couples. [The Guardian]

LGBT demonstrators beaten in China

People trying to mark the International Day against Homophobia in Beijing were beaten by security guards after they were banned from holding an event by officials. [Global Times]

Costa Rica rules for trans ID rights

Transgender Costa Ricans will be able to change their identification cards to match their gender identity, thanks to a new ruling by the country’s supreme court. [Costa Rica Star]

HIV drug shortage in Liberia

An unexplained shortage of HIV drugs has hit treatment centres across Liberia, leaving those infected without treatment for months. [Bush Chicken]