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Belgrade plans to hold first Pride parade since 2001

Organizers in Belgrade are planning the city’s first Pride parade in nearly a decade, and they’re calling on authorities to protect them from anti-gay thugs who attacked the event in 2001 and forced its cancellation in 2009.

This year’s event has more political support, reports Serbia’s, but there has been no response yet from police, reports AP.

From a Pride Belgrade press release, announcing plans for the Oct 10 march:

"Taking into account the security conditions and the symbolism of this
year’s parade, organizers have chosen the location of a meeting place
and marching route in the center of Belgrade where a number of state
institutions are concentrated, such as the Serbian Government, Ministry
of Justice, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Court of Appeal,
the Constitutional Court, Ministry of Finance and others.”

Belgrade’s 2009 Pride parade was cancelled at the last minute, under pressure from police and the government, who said they couldn’t
protect the marchers from thousands of violent anti-gay hooligans who
planned to attack the event. March opponents had covered walls in the city centre with graffiti that
said, “We will get you,” “Death to faggots” and “Blood will flow,” and
had spoken openly to reporters about the planned assault.


Above: At a Sept 7 press conference, Pride Belgrade organizers announced plans for the 2010 Pride parade. Left to right: Boban Stojanović, Lazar Pavlović and Adorjan Kurucz. (image via

Footage of the violence at Belgrade Pride in 2001:


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