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Belle of the ball

Drag/DJ sensation Kitty Glitter, the fun-loving pussycat from Down Under, will spin at this year’s Glitterball.

Drag/DJ sensation Kitty Glitter, the fun-loving pussycat from Down Under, will once again spin at this year's Glitterball. We had a quick chat …

Who is your biggest drag inspiration?

RuPaul has always been my greatest inspiration. No other drag queen in the world has reached out and entertained the masses like she has.

How do you choose your outfits? Do you make them yourself?

I have never used a sewing machine in my life! I tell my dressmakers to go for gold and to keep it sexy and shiny.

What is it with queers and felines?

We’re all pussyboys at heart, I guess. Nice and cute to play with, but rub us the wrong way and we’ll scratch your freakin’ eyes out!

Any fashion advice for summer 2013?

Wear what makes you look and feel the sexiest! Superstyle yourself and your attitude will follow.

What’s the most fabulous thing about being queer?

As gay rights and equality become the norm around the world, we queer folk are being embraced for the loving and creative beings we are. We have come a long way since hiding in the closet for fear of homophobic assaults. Our work is not over, though. It’s up to each and every one of us to shine our light. I’m pretty popular in my hometown of Sydney, but it’s an amazing feeling when I DJ on international dancefloors where people have not experienced what I do . . . the joy I see makes every second amazing for me. Gay, straight, young and old — it seems everyone loves a bit of glitter!