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LGBTQ2 groups urge moms of queer kids to vote against Trump, Ben Platt’s new love and Tyra Banks’ past

Here’s what to expect from Xtra Weekly, May 15

LGBTQ2 groups urge moms of queer kids to vote against Trump, Ben Platt’s new love and Tyra Banks’ past
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Hello friend, here are some of the stories coming your way in this week’s Xtra Weekly:


👉The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) warn that interruptions to health services and supplies due to the pandemic could lead to 500,000 additional deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa from AIDS-related illnesses, including tuberculosis. Also this week, LGBTQ2 advocates and organizations are urging moms of queer kids to vote against President Donald Trump in the upcoming U.S. elections. In an interview with Vice News, Shelly Simonds, who received support from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) when she ran for the Virginia House of Delegates, said: “A lot of suburban women are mothers. Many have children who are LGBTQ, and they want to make sure that their rights are protected.” Plus, Aimee Stephens, the trans woman at the centre of a historic Supreme Court case concerning LGBTQ2 discrimination in the workplace, has died at 59. Stephens sued a Michigan funeral home for discrimination after they fired her post-transition.


👉Big yikes. The internet unearthed an old video of Tyra Banks telling an America’s Next Top Model contestant to *NOT* be proud to be gay. Also, we are rooting for this! Actors Ben Platt and Noah Galvin are dating and yes, they both played Evan Hansen on Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen.

All these stories and much more in this week’s Xtra Weekly.


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