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Bentleys and lie detector tests: Life as Calvin Klein’s boy-toy

Calvin Klein's former boy-toy has given his first interview to Page Six following his split from the fashion mogul earlier this year. After dropping out of the military to be with Klein, Nick Gruber lived a life of opulence, driving his own Bentley and living in a Manhattan penthouse. 

The relationship fell apart in January, but Klein was still there for Gruber after his arrest this spring for alleged possession of cocaine and assault, even paying for his $35,000 rehab treatment. Since then, Gruber has moved on with Hollywood animator John Luciano and is reportedly penning a tell-all book to be released in the new year, tentatively titled Obsession: My Life with Calvin Klein.

On being humble: I was the first man [Calvin] fell in love with. I don't know why, but there's, like, something about me that attracts everyone. I have a nickname called Romeo. I get every girl, and even guys. Something about me draws them all in.

On Klein scolding him for daring to clean up after himself and not leaving it for the help: At first, I was doing a lot of things on my own, and he was like, "Don't do that." I'm used to doing things on my own. But when you get caught up in that lifestyle, I think you do change.

On how Klein taught him to be a better sugar-baby: He taught me a lot . . . You know, like how to present myself to an older crowd. Traveling the world is an education in itself.

On getting Klein to eat McDonald's for the first timeI made Calvin go to McDonald's and have a Big Mac, and he asked if they had it medium rare. He took a bite, and he was like, "Ugh, what's this?" I'll never forget that story: medium rare for a Big Mac at McDonald's!

On his Bentley, aka Chanel handbag: It was my baby, [but Calvin] never liked it, and called it, in his words, "a Chanel handbag." He called it that because the stitching inside was quilted. When we broke up, he took it back.

On Klein forcing him to take a lie detector test given by someone called "Dr Love": [Calvin] picked me up in his car, drove me down to the Holiday Inn in Chelsea, and we went downstairs in the basement of the hotel [where Dr. Love was waiting for them]. He made me take a lie-detector test. I passed it. And then, you know, things were much better. But I mean, what kind of partner would make you take a lie detector test? I was like, "Did you ever cheat on me, Calvin?" I never cheated on him.

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