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Bermuda, cake and Olympic records

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Bermuda outlaws same-sex marriage again

Nine months after legalizing same-sex marriage, Bermuda has shut the gates again. The British foreign office, which must sign off on legislation in the territory, decided it would be inappropriate to block the measure. [The New York Times]

California bakery wins cake case

A California judge has ruled that a bakery has the right to refuse to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. The case could have major implications for LGBT civil rights in the United States. [The Associated Press]

China upholds transgender discrimination ruling

A Chinese provincial court has upheld a lower court ruling saying a transgender man was unfairly fired from a health centre because of his gender identity. The court ruled that the firing violated “general personality rights.” [Hong Kong Free Press]

Olympics break winter record for out athletes

The Pyeongchang Olympics will boast 14 openly LGBT athletes, more than any previous Winter Olympic games. The 2014 games in Sochi had only seven. [Outsports]

South Dakota considers banning teaching about gender identity

Lawmakers in South Dakota are considering a law that would ban school teachers from discussing gender identity with students. The law would be the first in the United States. [Associated Press]