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Bermuda, sauna raids and a luge disaster

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President Rodrigo Duterte pictured on Dec 17, 2017 in General Santos, Philippines. Credit: Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images

Possible British veto on Bermuda marriage ban

After the government of Bermuda, a British territory, voted to repeal same-sex marriage, the British government may be considering vetoing the move, according to Bermuda’s major newspaper.

Philippines president flips on marriage

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte dramatically and inexplicably switched positions on same-sex marriage this week, now saying he is in favour. The move may be a political dig at his rival, the Catholic Church. [Reuters]

Indonesia sentences 10 men in sauna raid

Ten men who were arrested in a raid on a sauna in Jakarta in May will spend two to three years in prison, an Indonesian judge has ruled. Homosexuality is not strictly illegal in Indonesia, but amid a national crackdown on LGBT rights, the men were charged using laws against pornography. [Associated Press]

Gay luger out due to broken sled

Openly gay Canadian-American luge athlete John Fennell has missed a spot at the Pyeongchang Olympics after his sled came apart in a qualifying race. Fennell came out shortly after competing in the Sochi Olympics. [CBC]

Gay couple challenges gay family discrimination in Namibia

A Namibian man is fighting in court to gain legal status for his South African partner and their son. The case could involve demanding that the government recognize the couple’s marriage. [The Namibian]