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Bermuda, the third gender and lesbian reggaeton

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Nepali trans man barred from office

Despite the introduction of third-gender passports in 2015, a Nepali trans man says he was denied a place in local elections because of his gender. Local laws say the two district chairs must be split by gender, and election officials decided his third-gender passport did not qualify him for the second seat.

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Study: LGBT people more likely to suffer from revenge porn

According to a study by researchers at Australia’s Monash university, LGBT people are more likely than straight people to be targeted by “revenge porn”, non-consensual sharing of explicit images. The result comes from an Australian online survey.

The lesbian sending up Argentinian reggaeton

Reggaeton music is known for its machismo and explicit sexuality. One Argentinian woman, however, is flipping the style on its head to talk about lesbian sexuality.

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Bermuda court rules for equal marriage

A Bermudan-Canadian couple will be able to marry after the Supreme Court of Bermuda rules that same-sex marriage must be allowed under the territory’s human rights act. Last year, voters in Bermuda rejected same-sex marriage in a referendum.

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