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Best and worst of the 2012 Oscars

Worst Moment: Sasha Baron Cohen is a fucking idiot. Where’s the humour in this? Good on Ryan Seacrest for not gay gasping and bursting into tears like I would’ve, but seriously, how rude. Sasha dumped Kim Jong-Il’s “ashes” on Ryan during an interview on the red carpet and acted more obnoxious than a Chris Brown tantrum (which is really saying something), and somehow we’re supposed to find it funny? Ryan kind of had a job to do, was wearing an expensive suit, and didn’t deserve to be at the receiving end of Sasha’s “joke.” I also think it’s stupid he showed up in character. Put on a penguin suit and have a little respect like everyone else, you asshole!

Best Moment: Meryl Streep’s win! This woman is a living legend and the most talented actress in American cinema, bar none. Twenty-nine years after her last win, she is more than deserving of her third Oscar for The Iron Lady (and yes, I’m judging that entirely on having only seen the trailer). Her acceptance speech was funny and sweet: “When they called my name I had this feeling I could hear half of America going, ‘Oh no, oh come on, why again?’ But, whatever!”
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