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No, you didn’t! Barbra Streisand has a new album coming out, Guilty Pleasures with Barry Gibb, on Tue, Sep 20. More importantly she has a seven-minute, 54 second dance remix called “Night Of My Life (Junior’s Roxy Anthem)” that has recently surfaced on the ‘net. It’s Babs’ first-ever officially sanctioned dance remix. With Junior Vasquez doing the honours it has an early, somewhat dated,1990s house feel. I think it will definitely catch on, though. It has retro elegance.

Streisand sings empowering dancefloor emotions. Her voice sounds great and it helps that Barry Gibb (The Bee Gees) wrote the thing. Gibb has a way of making an infectious dance tune spark. The words have more to say than “Get up and dance.” “I fight to the end for the night of my life,” Streisand blares. “And nothing can stand in my way/ And love is a river/ River is ocean/ Take all your pleasure/ And all that you pray for.” Gay boys, can you hear her?