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Best mom ever

Usually I find overprotective and panicky parents annoying, but there’s something to admire in Deborah Berlingeri, who went all out when she lost contact of her 22-year-old son in San Francisco. After Evan met someone using a hookup/dating phone app and never came home, his mom went into overdrive trying to find out what happened, even starting a website,, where she posted a photo and wrote:

This is my son, Evan Flanary, 22, 6ft 1, 160 lbs, blonde hair/blue eyes, wearing blue jeans and gray hoody. Last seen on foot in the Mission district in San Francisco on June 19, 2012, meeting a stranger from a social phone app contact.
This is not like him to disappear. He has no money and his phone has died.
Anyone with information should contact the San Francisco Police Missing Persons Department 415-734-3268 or J.D. Berlingeri 541-680-2616 or their local Police Dept. Share this website on Facebook or retweet on Twitter if you can assist.
Your assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you.


It was never confirmed that Evan is gay or was using a gay app, but since San Francisco Pride is in full swing, the cute 22-year-old caught the attention of the gay blogosphere. Luckily, a few days after “disappearing,” Even saw his face on TV and contacted his mother, who wrote her relief on Facebook:


He was SO SO SO apologetic that he worried about us. He had met a person, they hit it off fabulously, they were down town enjoying all the week’s festivities. The battery in his cell phone died and although he had a charger, it just wouldn’t take the charge. He never noticed the flyers but today he saw his image on a television screen and could NOT believe it. He called me just minutes before the KNTV interview was scheduled to begin, so instead of crying I was grinning like the village idiot!! I love that boy. My dear friend Torsten Hirche is with him as we speak. Love you man! Yay, now I can breathe!


I love how on it both Evan’s mother and the gay media were. There might’ve not been anything to worry about this time, but it’s good to know that we can all come together when we need to. Enjoy your hookups, but try and let someone know where you’re going/who you’re meeting, and of course, it’s always best to meet at a public place! The Starbucks bathrooms lock, after all, if you really hit it off . . .

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