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Best of the queer web:

Quirky blog features campy visuals, beefcake and '50s movie stars

I love to blog, truly love it. To share one’s interests with strangers is some hot shit. There are a few quirky queer blogs out there that continually blow my mind. One of them is Vivir en Tuscan.

This dude has a passion for monster movies (with camp chicks in peril), bad TV movies and After Dark magazine. He’s me but not at all. We have an understanding and admiration of each other’s tastes. We have a “comments” relationship.

He’s turned me on to so many amazing visuals, like a bizarre ’50s photo shoot of actress Carolyn Jones with a giant makeup mirror and Elizabeth “Bewitched” Montgomery and her male dance crew on Hollywood Palace. A poster for a movie called Rape Squad is an absolute jaw dropper.

Don’t miss a sample of a 1975 movie called Bug in which an average house wife walks around the original Brady Bunch set as a cockroach burrows into her head and then causes her head to catch fire. Loves!