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Best of the web: Kate Loves Me

Adorable images of an ultra-cute, self-obsessed Spanish model/designer/stylist/writer

Site: Kate Loves Me


Prince Pelayo Diaz is an ultra-cute 22-year-old model/designer/stylist/writer from Spain. He’s a fashion-obsessed kid with a pompadour as high and mighty as a tasty Baked Alaska. He recently partied at the Cannes Film Festival with D-Squared’s twincestuous duo Dean and Dan (and has pictures to prove it). Even coked-up model Kate Moss loves her some Diaz.

Kate Loves Me is Diaz’s self-obsessed blog. It’s mostly adorable images of a shirtless or fashionably dressed Diaz and his equally pretty friends partying the world and being cooler than you or I. See Diaz pose on his bed, on the street and at the beach. And yes, there is even a shirtless pic of him eating strawberries with this profound Diazesque statement: “Back in London and it’s all about strawberries. They clear your mind, make you realize who’s worth it, who’s worth a kick in the ass and who’s just worth deleting.”

Webster loves Prince Pelayo Diaz.