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Best of the web: Le Blog de Stéphanie

It's girly, frilly and oh so very French - c'est magnifique!

Site: Le Blog de Stéphanie

Le Blog de Stéphanie is all girly, frilly and oh so very French. It’s as if a young swingin’ ’60s-era Catherine Deneuve got a blog account and started sharing images of all her favourite things.

Stéphanie très adores vintage mid- 20th-century clothing, knickknacks and advertisements with images of pretty ladies with hair bands and sun-kissed smiles.

See la Stéph’s collections of precious handbags, cigarette tins, enchanting invitations and paper dolls. Her pretty pink kitty cookie jar is ever so cute and with rainbow-coloured cookies in shapes of funky ’70s shoes, purses, makeup compacts and packages (tied up with strings)… well I just about burst with jealously. Don’t even start me on those housemaid/clock oven mitts…. Très magnifique!